Scale Model Art
Copyright 2019
PDF format

A book written for scale model hobbyists that teaches how to make miniatures look realistic in a photograph.  This book covers...

- How to take a picture:  the basics of photography
- Understanding light: how light affects your photographs
- Tools of the trade: equipment used in miniature photography
- Getting quality images: tips and tricks to get the most out of your gear
- Composition: the artistic side of photography
- Creating realism: how to make a miniature look real
- Putting it all together: step through a typical photo session
- Case studies: step by step guides through some typical photos


Getting Started With Sunrise Photography
Copyright 2013
Amazon Kindle Format

Written for the new sunrise photographer, this book shows some of the tips and tricks used to capture stunning sunrise and sunset photographs. With the goal of taking the mystery out of photographing the sun, the author discusses items such as high dynamic range, filter and equipment usage, artistic exposure, composition, post processing software considerations, and more. A great primer for those fairly new to landscape photography, or as a refresher for the intermediate to advanced landscape shooter.